Our Mission

To provide children managing food allergies or restrictions with safe, inclusive social events where they and their families can find personal connections and support.

What We Do

We plan and put on food-free social events in the Portland/Vancouver metro area, so kids and teens who manage food allergies or restrictions can fully and safely participate in activities, especially those that usually center around food.  We take the focus off the food and put it on the fun, so no one is left out!  Kids get to meet and make friends with other children like them and parents and caregivers are provided with opportunities to make face to face connections, support one another and learn something new. We currently host three main events a year but also post information on our calendar and in social media about other events geared toward the food allergy & celiac community. We’ll always let you know if an event is not food-free.

Coming Up Next

Join us for Family Game Night at the 7th annual Camp Blue Spruce Holiday Party on Sunday, December 8, 2020. Enjoy camp in the middle of winter with crafts, games, and good friends! More information can be found here.